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2016 Club Events Survey


For the benefit of our members, the Social Committee is responsible for organising a range of different events throughout the year. These are held in the Clubhouse, at other venues around the Island, and we are increasingly trying to organise social boating events - which includes motor vessels too!

So that we can improve our current offering, as well as plan future events that will have a broad appeal across the whole membership, we would be grateful if you provide us with your views and suggestions by completing this online survey. Your answers will be treated in strictest confidence and when the results are analysed your personal details will not be linked to your responses.

While this particular survey focuses on the Club's social events, there is an intention to conduct additional surveys over the coming months which focus on other aspects of the Club so please save any specific comments you might have concerning the Club in general, the Clubhouse and the catering offering for future surveys. If you would prefer to share your views and suggestions with me directly, please feel free to approach me in the Clubhouse or to email me at:

The survey should take no longer than 10 minutes to complete and should be submitted by 30th April. While it is possible to complete the survey on a tablet or a mobile device, it is much easier and clearer if using a laptop or PC.

Please only complete the survey once. Your survey will only be saved when you click the "submit" button on the final page.

Many thanks

Steve Manning
Chairman of the Social Committee